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Indoor Residential Lighting Will be Designed to Accent Your Interior with Energy Efficiency.

Welcome to www.AVelectrician.Com Serving Palmdale & Lancaster CA
We are The Antelope Valley's licensed electrical contractor for residence, commercial and business. Our local electricians serve Palmdale, Lancaster, CA, Littlerock, Acton, Rosamond and the entire Antelope Valley.
If your home or business is need of electrical repair, in need of a new lighting fixture or ceiling fan installation for your residence, or your business needs major re-wiring, circuit breaker or electrical panel upgrades; The AV Electrician can meet all your needs!
The AV Electrician has over 30 years experience in residential electric service, repair and installation.
Whether it's in your home or office the AV Electrician is the Valley's trusted expert to call! We specialize in residential electrical repair. We have skilled and trained technicians ready to serve you.
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Bonded & Licensed Electric Repair Services In the Antelope Valley
aa ceiling fan installation aa
We are an Antelope Valley based electrical contractors that can meet your technical commercial or simple residential needs. Ceiling fan installation can be installed in approximately 2 hours.
Outdoor commercial lighting installation spot lights your business and deters burglaries.

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Lancaster, CA Installation Electrician
• Electrical outlets- we will replace old outdated 2-prong outlets with new 3-prong outlets to meet code requirements • Attic fans Install attic fans including circuit wiring for fans, which will reduce energy consumption by removing all the hot air from attic and keep your home cooler with less demand on your air conditioning.
• Appliance circuits Installation of dedicated circuits for new appliances such as washers/dryers, microwave, dishwashers, refrigerators.

• Arc- fault breakers We replace regular breakers with code required arc fault breakers.

• Electrical panels Replace outdated electrical panels, upgrade electrical meter panels, install new panel with new circuits and breakers. • Ceiling fans We provide installation and assembly services for new ceiling fans, including electrical circuit wiring and rewiring new and remodeling work.
• GFCI outlets We provide and install GFCI outlets in your home to comply with NEC codes, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and exterior outlets. • Metal halide or high pressure sodium security lighting installation and repair.
• Phone and internet cabling • Recessed lighting • Smoke detectors • Interior lighting installation, we upgrade existing light fixtures from incandescent to LED, halogen, or fluorescent, for energy efficiency
• Whole house fans • Landscape lighting • Security Camera Installations for home & business security systems.
• Swimming pool automated control systems, programmable to your phone or mobile device Email:
• Swimming pool electrical install and repair •For an estimate contact us:1-661-816-3308


Electrical Panel Upgrade For Commercial and Residential
Remove Old Panel
Install New Panel
Label New
Upgrade Complete

Why should we upgrade power panels?
If you have added commercial machinery and equipment, appliances- including air conditioning- or swimming pool pumps that can no longer handle the demands of your electrical requirements in your businesses or home then it time to upgrade your electrical power supply.
Other reasons to upgrade your power supply:
•Business machinery or equipment needs to install a 240 volt circuit.
•The need to add a sub-panel.
•To meet fire insurance requirements.
•Remodeling your home or home office

How do I know I need to upgrade my power panel?
If you hear noise such as vibration or cracking from the electrical panel.
•Wore out rusted or corroded breakers.
•Hot or overheating electrical conductors.
•If you’re using numerous extension cords.
•Shortage of electrical outlets or non-grounded (two-prong) outlets.
•Computer, web servers are not on a dedicated circuit.
•Appliances, electronic, esp. air-conditioning units do not operate on full power.

Attention Contractors: For a quote please Email Your E1 Plans to us: Tel. 1-661-816-3308

Contractors State License Board Lic.#775951

Electrical Contractor California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)


Residential Antelope Valley Electrical Services
lancaster electrician

lancaster california electricianTCHES
• Troubleshooting and repair

lancaster california electricianLIGHTS
•Lighting fixtures
•We design and install lighting
• Replace hazardous panels and breakers

lancaster california electrician
•The AV Electrician removes and replace old outdated receptacles

lancaster california electricianBREAKERS
•Breakers and fuses
•Replace outdated fuses, replace old and defective breakers.

lancaster california electrician
•Installation of electric motors and motor controls, transformers, and disconnects.
Business and Commercial Electrician Services
electrical plugBallast & Bulb Changes
We replace defective ballasts and HID (high Intensity discharge) lamps (bulbs) for security lighting and commercial signage.



electrical plug Panel & Service Upgrades
We provide Installation of switchgear single and three phase 240volts/480volts. We Install, repair, and upgrade of commercial and Industrial electrical Sub panels.
electrical plugBuilding Renovation Work
We Install dedicated electrical circuits, and receptacle for renovation of office spaces and lighting layout
electrical plugCorrection of Code Violations
We will correct all your code violations and ensure that your building is up to code with the latest local and national code changes; we’ll communicate directly with inspectors and make it less burdensome for you
electrical plugTroubleshooting Electrical Issues
We provide expert troubleshooting, with over 30 years experience
electrical plugSecurity & Parking Lot Lighting • All Lighting & Commercial Wiring • Warehouse Lighting

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation
The installation of residential EV charging stations at your residence is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Eighty-five percent of electrical vehicle owners charge their cars from home. Level 2 charging is for residential. Our team of California licensed electricians, offer the installation of EV charging stations for all brands of electrical cars.
ev charging station los angelesLevel 1 Charging Station
Common, but can only deliver around 1.2 kW to your electrical vehicle. This has a slow charging rate of only 4 miles for every one hour of charging. To fully charge your electrical vehicle will take 11-20 hours.

installation ev charging station los angeles

ev charging installation service

ev charging station los angelesLevel 2 EV Charging Stations (recommended)
Designed for residential use; 6.2 to 19.2 kW, with most chargers around 7.6 kW. Compatible with almost all electrical cars.
ev charging station los angelesEV Residential Charging Station
Wire routing is wired directly from your residential electrical panel to your garage or your outside EV charging station.
ev charging station los angelesMinor-Basic Electrical Infrastructure
Connection to the charger wire is laid along the botton edge of the wall into a splitter box. A DCC-Box is a splitter box required to set up the electrical infrastructure for your residence or business address.
ev charging station los angelesWifi Connection
The installation of your EV charging station will provide wifi set up and personal 'how to' instructions.
ev charging station los angelesLevel 3 Commercial EV Charging Station Installation
Other EV charging station options include Level 3; the fastest charging station for public use, commercial application. Level 3 EV charging station installation is the fastest, approximately 30-60 minutes. EV commercial charging station installation is more expensive and requires extensive testing.


Outdoor Lighting Will Enhance Moods, Add Safety and Security to Your Home
outdoor lighting designs
The installation of outdoor lighting for residential or commercial/business applications will have the same functionality, add security, provide well lit pathway and, especially for home, add an ambience to your patio or backyard. With customized outdoor lighting design of photo-sensors, color and a variance of wattage, The AV Electrician will surpass your personalized outdoor lighting needs. Where there is light; there is mood, safety and security.

Video Surveillance Camera Installation
The installation of video surveillance camera for your business or home will save lives, protect property, deter crime and give peace-of-mind. Our Antelope Valley based licensed electricians will design a high-definition security system with auto-record systems prompted by motion detectors. There is nothing more important than security. The AV Electrician would have great satisfaction to keep you, your family and business secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm looking for an electrician in Antelope Valley. I live in "Palmcaster" which is in between Palmdale and Lancaster, California. I'm a senior citizen and can't figure out how to install the florescent light bulbs. Can you help me for a small fee, please?
We can help you without a fee. It will take our service staff minutes to attend to your needs. We are community and The AV Electrician can help you free of charge.

2. Why is my bathroom GFI not working?
You'll need an electrician to go out and troubleshoot the problem in order for you to know exactly what's going on and what you need to do to fix it sometimes if you replaced the GFI it still might not work give AV electrician a call and will take care of it for you.

3. Is it possible for me to install a ceiling fan in my room even if I don't have an existing light fixture?

Yes, The AV Electrician can rewire from existing electrical outlets. To save our customer money we can run conduits outside of the wall. Rewiring inside a dry wall can be costly

4. I'm trying to rent out my house and need to change out all my outlet plugs and switches do you guys do that kind of work?
We can definitely change out your outlet plugs and switches for an affordable price and one day installation.

5. I have a broken pool light and a pool pump that does not work do you work on pools and spas?
We do electrical work on pool pumps, pool heater, spa heaters, pool lights, spotlights and junction boxes also pool panels like Jandy and Hayward. For safety reasons, we may use high voltage switchboard matting or at least a fuse box safety mat, if needed, especially if the area is wet.

6: I have a old house with an old panel old Breakers old switches and Old Outlet plugs should I get a panel upgrade?
We can go out to your house and give you a free estimate on your panel upgrade give AV electrician a call .

7. I don't have any light in my backyard or my side yard but I would like to put in some security lights is it possible?
Yes it's possible we can run conduit through the outside wall or if you do not want to see any pipe we can do a in wall install.

8. If I wanted to do a post light where my grass area is do you have to rip up my grass?
If you're worried about your grass getting ripped up when you do underground conduit don't worry we are very delicate with customers yards we will pull back the grass and put it back nice and neat.

9. I'm trying to install a security system in my house is that something that electricians do?
Not all electricians install security cameras but we do give us a call at: 1-661-816-3308

10. We have a commercial construction project going on in Palmdale, California. Does The AV Electrician bid for such projects?
Yes, we bid on commercial and residential construction projects in the Antelope Valley. Please email your PLANS to Manny at: Tel. 1-661-816-3308

11. My boss asked me to find an electrical contractor in Lancaster, CA? Do you have a price list for your electrical services?
We do not, sorry. Our prices is based on the complexity, amount of time, availability of electrical parts, etc. Our estimated hourly rate is $65.00-$160.00 per hour. Give us a ring and we can give you an estimate over the phone and a final estimate after we visit your home or business. We also have emergency electrical repairs in the Antelope Valley for after hours and on Saturday and Sunday and holidays.

12. We are in need of a electrical commercial contractor who can design, make plans and install exterior lighting systems. Do you have a sample set of electrical exterior light plans to show us. Can AV help us?
Yes, we can design an outdoor lighting system that will be functional, add security to your business and be energy efficient. Our exterior lighting plans will be designed to meet your aesthetic requirements and budget.

13. We are looking for an electrical contractor near me, in Palmdale or Lancaster. Can you look at our electrical problem without charging us for a service call?
We'll have to discuss the problem over the telephone before or if we charge you.

14. Our company in Los Angeles, CA needs six EV charging stations. Does AV Electrician install Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations in LA?
Yes, our experienced electricians install Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging stations for 120 volts and 240 volts which can include residential or commercial applications.


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Our Licensed Electricians Are Ready to Problem Solve Your Electrical Problems, Upgrade Functional Technology to Your Business or Add Extra Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Electrical Outlets to Your Residence.

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